Calm Those Tweets

Sooner or later, it had to happen. . . .  Tweets have been linked to stock market behavior.  This was not a case of inside information.  Researchers from Indiana University have demonstrated that public mood, as expressed in millions of Tweets, can predict stock market behavior with fair reliability .      Analyzing a collection […]

Decision trees and the rescue of the Chilean miners

As the world celebrates with Chile following the rescue of the 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days, it is interesting to review the various technologies that have been instrumental in supporting the engineering feat that lifted the men to ground level. For example, during the crisis, mining expert Manuel Viera, the CEO and managing […]

The 2010 Palisade Risk Conference series continues – This week in Sydney!

The 2010 Palisade Risk Conference is being held this Wednesday and Thursday, October 20-21, at The Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney. This event is an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals and find out how they’re using Palisade solutions to make better decisions. Our keynote speaker, Dr Frank Ashe of Q Group Australia and Macquarie […]

Free Webcast This Thursday: “Using Simulation Techniques in Litigation”

On Thursday, October 7, 2010, Mike Pellegrino will present a free live webcast in which he will explore the use of @RISK risk analysis functionality for intellectual property valuations in litigation. We will discuss the basic applications of Monte Carlo simulation techniques to create defensible intellectual property valuations. We will then discuss advantages of using […]

Monte Carlo’s Place in Bioscience

The increasing number of mentions of Monte Carlo simulation in the popular press usually refer to its use in the realm of finance–for such applications as determining value-at-risk, reserve estimation, and credit risk management–because this is where quantitative analysis hits us directly in the pocketbook and where the technique is relatively easy to explain.  But […]