@RISK Quick Tips: Automating @RISK risk analysis software with VBA

Presented at the Palisade Risk & Decision Analysis Conference New York City
Chris Albright, author of the book VBA for Modelers, presented a number of examples of how to automate @RISK, RISKOptimizer, and StatTools in Excel using Excel’s VBA and Palisade’s built-in object-oriented Excel Developer Kit. These examples include production applications, scheduling applications, World Series simulation, and more. All examples include macros written by Dr. Albright, so you’ll need to enable macros when you open them.

» Download the examples
» Order Dr. Albright’s book "VBA for Modelers"

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  1. Is there an effective and simple way to automate distribution fitting in VBA? If so, is there also a simple way to chart the "statistical summary" of that distribution in excel using VBA?

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