@RISK Quick Tips: Six Sigma Design of Experiments: Welding

A key application of @RISK is Six Sigma and quality analysis. This model demonstrates how @RISK can be used for a DOE analysis of a welding project.

Suppose you are analyzing a metallic burst cup manufactured by welding a disk onto a ring. You need to make sure weld strength is within safety limits. The model relates the weld strength to process and design factors, models the variation for each factor, and forecasts the product performance in relation to the engineering specifications. @RISK is used to model the variation in each factor, and simulate different outcomes for weld strength. Output includes After Six Sigma statistics for Cpk-Upper, Cpk-Lower, Cpk, and PPM Defects (or DPM). Standard @RISK statistical analysis functions (like RiskMean) are also used.

» Download the example: SixSigmaDOE.xls

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