Customised Solutions Using @RISK and VBA for Excel

If you missed Palisade trainer Rishi Prabhakar’s webcast "Customised Solutions Using @RISK and VBA for Excel," you can still view it in our archive.

The hour-long presentation explores the use of VBA for Microsoft Excel to control @RISK functionality, to simplify the process of risk analysis for resource-strapped businesses. Rishi explains the advantages (and limitations) of macro control for modelling and running simulations.

Simple examples are worked through to show the XDK (@RISK’s automation library) in action, from generic examples to a cost estimation model. This addresses elements of model construction, various simulation settings and finally reporting. The emphasis is on exposing the viewer to the various possibilities the XDK lends to the user rather than an in-depth VBA for Excel coding session.

Rishi Prabhakar holds a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Technology, Sydney Australia. Rishi has experience in the resources, infrastructure and primary industries, telecommunications, scientific research, banking and finance with an emphasis on operational risk.

With technical skills in the areas of modelling, simulation, statistical analysis, cost estimation, time series forecasting, customised solutions utilising VBA for Excel, and extreme value theory, Rishi has provided training and consulting services in risk and decision analysis for Palisade’s Asia Pacific office since 2005.

» Customised Solutions Using @RISK and VBA for Excel
» Webcast archive

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