Free Webcast This Thursday: “Why be Normal? Selecting the Best Distribution Models ”

On Thursday, July 15, 2010, Andy Sleeper will present a free live webcast entitled. "Why be Normal? Selecting the Best Distribution Models " Distribution models are important aspects of many types of statistical analysis, including Monte Carlo analysis. The choice of model is vitally important, since the wrong model can be worse than no model […]

Customised Solutions Using @RISK and VBA for Excel

If you missed Palisade trainer Rishi Prabhakar’s webcast "Customised Solutions Using @RISK and VBA for Excel," you can still view it in our archive. The hour-long presentation explores the use of VBA for Microsoft Excel to control @RISK functionality, to simplify the process of risk analysis for resource-strapped businesses. Rishi explains the advantages (and limitations) […]