Sharing Simulation Models – Part I: Function Swap in @RISK

Working in dynamic groups is a fact of modern life. You may work with different colleagues on different projects, and may work with others in remote offices as well. When you use risk modeling software, being able to share information with others is critical to team projects.

@RISK offers a number of ways to facilitate sharing and collaboration of risk analysis models. This three-part series will highlight popular sharing methods.

Did you know that you can remove @RISK functions from @RISK spreadsheet models in order to share them with others? This enables those without @RISK installed to be able to read and edit the same models. It’s great for sharing and collaborating across various workgroups. Furthermore, changes that non-@RISK users make will be preserved when you go to restore the @RISK functions back into the model.

It’s easy to do – check out this video:

» "Getting Started in @RISK" video tutorials

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