@RISK Six Sigma calculator models the performance of a process with uncertain elements

Developed using the Six Sigma features of @RISK,
software for risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation

Palisade’s Six Sigma Calculator allows you to create a function that models the performance of a process with uncertain elements. It allows you to include uncertainty around design factors through the use of probability distributions. It was built by Palisade Custom Development using the @RISK Developer’s Kit (RDK) to perform a Monte Carlo simulation so the following process capability metrics can be calculated: Cpk, Cpk Upper, Cpk Lower, Sigma Level, DPM, Cp, Ppk, Pp.

The RDK is Palisade’s widely-used risk analysis programming toolkit. It uses the features and functions of @RISK for Excel – the industry-leading risk analysis tool for spreadsheets. The RDK allows you to build Monte Carlo simulation models in your own applications using Windows and .NET programming languages, such as C, C#, C++, Visual Basic, or Visual Basic .NET. Examples of programs written in Windows and .NET programming languages are provided.

Palisade Custom Development services are used to build tailored applications for individual client needs using @RISK and other technology.

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