@RISK Quick Tips: Running multiple risk analysis simulations to see how changes in model variables affect simulation results

Example Model: SENSIM.XLS

Sensitivity analysis in @RISK (risk analysis software using Monte Carlo simulation) lets you see the impact of uncertain risk analysis model parameters on your results. But what if some of the uncertain model parameters are under your control? In this case the value a variable will take is not random, but can be set by you. For example, you might need to choose between some possible prices you could charge, different possible raw materials you could use or from a set of possible bids or bets. To properly analyze your model, you need to run a simulation at each possible value for the "user-controlled" variables and compare the results. A Sensitivity Simulation in @RISK allows you to quickly and easily do this – offering a powerful analysis technique for selecting between available alternatives.

In @RISK any number of simulations can be included in a single Sensitivity Simulation. The RiskSimtable function is used to enter lists of values, which will be used in the individual simulations, into your worksheet cells and formulas. @RISK will automatically process and display the results from each of the individual simulations together, allowing easy comparison.

» Click here to see how to run a Sensitivity Simulation
» Click here to download the example file SENSIM.XLS

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