Free Webcast This Thursday: “DMAIC and Using a Non-Intuition Approach”

On Thursday, June 10, 2010, Ed Biernat will present a free live webcast entitled. "DMAIC and Using a Non-Intuition Approach"

Experience is often critical to good decision making.  It helps us see patterns and react quickly.  In that sense it is a strength.  However, if the environment changes radically, and we use the old paradigms to see the new world, bad things can happen.  The Six Sigma DMAIC process is a great tool set for helping us see the world through data and thus helps us adapt through the change.  What is needed is the addition of other tools and insights to help us interpret the analyses correctly.

In this free live webcast, we will review some of the latest research in cognitive psychology and related fields and discuss how to apply these insights into the realm of Lean Six Sigma transformation.  We will challenge the role of intuition as a primary factor in decision-making and, while not removing it entirely from the framework, look to put it into its proper place.  We will also examine some of the biases, both in the data and in our heads, that may lead good people to make bad decisions when the old rules fail to apply in the face of radical change.

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