New @RISK 5.5.1 and DecisionTools Suite 5.5.1 Now Available!

New DecisionTools Suite 5.5.1 is a maintenance update that has been fully translated into Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Japanese. It features simulation of password-protected worksheets in @RISK as well as an integrated RISKOptimizer toolbar. In addition, you can now also launch any DecisionTools program from within any other program already running. If you still have @RISK 5.0 or DecisionTools Suite 5.0, version 5.5.1 offers @RISK simulations that run 2 to 20 times faster than before, new scatter plots from scenario analysis, a freehand distribution artist, an Excel-style Insert Function dialog with graphs, and much more.
@RISK 5.5.1 and DecisionTools Suite 5.5.1 are free for current maintenance holders. If you don’t have maintenance, contact Palisade to get up to date:


+44 1895 425050,

Latin America
607-277-8000 x318,

607-277-8000 x318,


+61 2 9929 9799,

» Get your update
» Read What’s New in @RISK 5.5.1 and DecisionTools Suite 5.5.1

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