New business planning – measuring feasibility

The latest Business in Britain survey from Lloyds TSB Commercial shows that the UK’s commercial enterprises are regaining confidence.  The six monthly report charts the performance of 1,732 UK companies and their views on prospects for the coming year. Its most recent business confidence shows that expectations for both sales and orders have started to recover. The balance of firms anticipating an upturn in sales has climbed to 21% – from just 1% six months ago.   And hopes for orders are also looking brighter. The balance expecting order levels to rise over the coming six months has climbed to 23%, from just 6% in the last survey.

But companies planning major new business drives for 2010 would do well to follow the example of Thales UK, which uses @RISK  to enable it to assess commercial feasibility of potential new business wins. @RISK’s in-depth risk analysis ensures the leading provider of mission-critical electronic information systems for aerospace, defence and security markets around the world, is fully informed when making business-critical decisions.

Thales operates in a highly competitive environment, with technologically advanced countries presenting tough opposition when it tenders for contracts. It must continually develop highly sophisticated equipment that is robust and failsafe to meet the stringent demands of its customers. Bringing products of this calibre to market is costly in terms of time and resource, so for every competitive new business opportunity, Thales must be confident that it has a reasonable chance of success.

Using Monte Carlo analysis to show all potential scenarios and the likelihood that each will occur, @RISK enables Thales to calculate the competitiveness of complex markets, measure probabilities for project costs, quantify rate of return, and even account for the effects of cumulative business, thereby providing decision-makers with the most complete picture possible.  From this risk analysis, Thales can make an informed decision on the commercial viability of the potential new business offered.

Craig Ferri
EMEA Managing Director of Risk & Decision Analysis

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