Free Webcast This Thursday: “Integrated Project Risk Analysis – Structuring the Model Effectively”

On Thursday, December 3, 11am-Noon ET, Jay O’Connor will present a free Live Webcast about project risk management.

A project risk analysis is only as good as the model that was used to prepare it. It is critical that the model be constructed to reflect the risks specifically associated with the project. The model must be able to accurately reflect the risks associated with schedule, quantities, cost and the residual unmitigated risk items from the qualitative risk analysis. The model should also take into account the interrelationships and dependencies of these items.
This webcast will address these issues and present examples of how results can vary based on the level of detail used in preparing the risk analysis, and will include the use of @RISK, and @RISK for Project.

Palisade is pleased to host Jay O’Connor’s presentation. With over 25 years of experience in the areas of estimating, planning and quantitative risk analysis for international projects, Jay understands the complexities that are associated with identifying and assessing project risks. His experience includes both the owner’s and contractor’s side of engineering and construction projects. He has worked in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry sectors and the pulp and paper sector. His career has taken him to the United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

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