Wayne Winston’s Math and Sports blog debuts on HuffPost

Wayne Winston is the newest blogging personality at the Huffington Post! His first post, “The Importance of Schedule Strength in Sports,” appeared yesterday. Wayne will focus on the interface between math and sports, with detailed explanations of statistical analysis and spreadsheet modeling, including @RISK risk analysis models. You can find a link to the Wayne Winston blog from the newly-launched HuffPost Sports.

Wayne is the John and Esther Reese Professor of Decision Sciences at Indiana University’s nationally ranked Kelly School of Business. He has won over 30 teaching awards, and written over 20 journal articles and 15 books.  Wayne has consulted for many organizations including the Dallas Mavericks, USA Diving, Cisco, Microsoft, US Army, Eli Lilly, Diamond Consulting, Tellabs and Medtronics. He has also developed online spreadsheet modeling and mathematics courses for Harvard Business School Publishing. And, Wayne is a two time Jeopardy! champion!

Wayne’s latest book, Mathletics, provides an introduction to the use of math by baseball, football, and basketball teams. He has also authored several books published by Palisade, including Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization I, Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization II: Investment Valuation, Options Pricing, Real Options & Product Pricing Models, and Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer.

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