Free Webcast This Thursday: “Integrated Project Risk Analysis – Structuring the Model Effectively”

On Thursday, December 3, 11am-Noon ET, Jay O’Connor will present a free Live Webcast about project risk management. A project risk analysis is only as good as the model that was used to prepare it. It is critical that the model be constructed to reflect the risks specifically associated with the project. The model must […]

KPMG Report Recommends Risk Management Expert, Stronger Risk Management

In a report issued last month, KPMG emphasizes the need for comprehensive, strategic risk management across an organization. Entitled “The Business Case for a Risk Executive: Leading Efforts to Avoid Surprises, Maneuver through Challenges, and Add Value,” the report notes that most current risk management efforts are specific to particular departments, projects, or regulations, and […]

New Approaches to Risk & Decision Analysis at the 2010 Conference in London

Following on from the resounding success of the last Palisade Risk Conference in London, which attracted over 110 attendees from industry and academia, the 2010 Palisade Risk Conference will be taking place on April 14th-15th. The location for this event will again be the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall, London, and already there are […]

Wayne Winston’s Math and Sports blog debuts on HuffPost

Wayne Winston is the newest blogging personality at the Huffington Post! His first post, “The Importance of Schedule Strength in Sports,” appeared yesterday. Wayne will focus on the interface between math and sports, with detailed explanations of statistical analysis and spreadsheet modeling, including @RISK risk analysis models. You can find a link to the Wayne […]

Batch Fitting in @RISK Risk Analysis Software

@RISK allows you to use historical data to fit data to a probability distribution. The process is very simple: first select the range where the data is located, and then select the Distribution Fitting button. @RISK will guide through the fitting process where you can select a variety of statistical tests such as Chi-Square, Anderson-Darling, […]

Six Sigma, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Kaizen for Outsourcing

I recently tripped over a very good and interesting article written by Marcia Gulesian, titled Six Sigma, Monte Carlo Simulation and Kaizen for Outsourcing. Despite its seemingly complex title, the article touches on the basics of Six Sigma and decision analysis where Six Sigma basic quantitative calculations are discussed – such as process capability calculations (Cp, Cpk) […]

December 2009 – Worldwide Training Schedule

Palisade Training services show you how to apply @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite to real-life problems, maximizing your software investment. All seminars include free step-by-step books and multimedia training CDs that include dozens of example models. North America 2-4 December 2009, Portland, OR Decision-Making & Quantitative Risk Analysis using the DecisionTools Suite 17-18 December 2009, […]