Bausch & Lomb’s Global Director of DFSS Gets Our Focus

As part of Palisade’s membership in the ISSSP, we get to participate in what are called Focused Sessions. For these webcast-like sessions, we are sponsors and exert no editorial control over their content . . . but we decide who the speaker is. So we’ve decided to put the attendees in good hands! Jeff Slutsky, […]

Consulting With Impact, Webcast with StatTools

Ed Biernat’s Consulting With Impact recently used Palisade’s StatTools in a two-week training session for Six Sigma Green Belt candidates as part of their certification.  Ed said the response from the candidates was very positive, so he decided the software tool would be a good addition to all his Green Belt training. Also, he thought […]

The Uptick on High-Performance Computing

I was already aware of the recent news uptick (forgive the term) on the term high-speed trading when I was drawn by a rather bland headline about high-performance computing and hedge funds and pursued it through the Internet to a rather bland white paper endorsing the potential uses of high-performance computing in the financial markets–high-performance […]