Think Clearly, Act Decisively, Feel Confident

2009 Palisade Conference in New York CityPalisade is pleased to welcome Dr. Sven Roden of Unilever’s Decision Analysis Group to deliver the keynote address at the 2009 Palisade Conference: Risk Analysis, Applications, and Training in New York City, Oct 21-22, 2009. The keynote is titled, "Think Clearly, Act Decisively, Feel Confident."

In this presentation, Dr. Roden will discuss what Decision Making Under Uncertainty means to Unilever, and the Decision Analysis techniques that are at the forefront of making a cultural change to the way Unilever approaches and analyzes strategic decisions. Unilever’s relationship with Palisade has helped them in their journey;  the company has trained over 400 finance managers in Decision Making Under Uncertainty using Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite. Unilever’s Decision Analysis Group is constantly look internally and externally to identify future trends and applications and evolve tools and models to ensure their place at the forefront of applying Decision Analysis.

Dr. Sven Roden is a senior Decision Analyst within Unilever’s Finance Academy, acting as an internal consultant leading decision analysis evaluations on problems where teams have been struggling to find a solution. He is also involved in developing new methodologies and providing expert training and coaching to Unilever’s financial managers. Prior to joining Unilever, Sven worked for BNFL as a Technology Strategist and research physicist.

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