Palisade’s Custom Development Services

Palisade Corporation now offers custom development services. Our consulting team can help you to automate your risk and decision analysis models so they can be easily used by everyone in your company, or even outside of it. 

We offer different options that include Excel add-ins, Windows, and Web based applications. Our consultants can help you to design, program and deploy these applications. A typical application might connect an Excel spreadsheet to your company’s database, extract data, then adjust it to probability distributions so they can be used in dynamic risk or optimization models. The structure of reports can be also customized and published as PDFs, or to the Web.

Palisade Custom Development can incorporate Monte Carlo simulation, probability distributions, distribution fitting, graphs, reports, and many other features of @RISK into any Windows-based application. In addition, we can integrate genetic algorithm optimization from RISKOptimizer or Evolver. This allows you to apply powerful, proven analytics to applications outside Excel. Applications can be run in a desktop, network, or Web environment.

You may wish to customize your @RISK or DecisionTools Suite spreadsheet models, restricting access to model components for some users or automating reports and other aspects of your analysis. Using the DecisionTools built-in Excel Developer Kit (XDK) and custom Excel VBA programming language, Palisade can help you build powerful, easy-to-use risk models for one user or for an entire work group.

We are currently working on a new website where you will find more information and project samples.  Upcoming posts will discuss examples of custom Excel VBA programming.

» More about Palisade Custom Development

Dr. Javier Ordóñez
Director of Custom Development

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