Integrated Project Risk Analysis

Jay O’Connor is a Director at Turner & Townsend Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the areas of estimating, planning and quantitative risk analysis for international projects, Jay understands the complexities that are associated with identifying and assessing project risks. His experience includes both the owner’s and contractor’s side of engineering and construction […]

Assessing the Probability of Meeting Two Competing Targets using @RISK 5.5

The latest version of @RISK (risk analysis software, Monte Carlo software for Excel), has a new graphing tool that will let you create a scatter plots using any two outputs of your risk model.  For example, if you construct an integrated schedule and cost risk model you can easily evaluate the distributions of the duration […]

Think Clearly, Act Decisively, Feel Confident

Palisade is pleased to welcome Dr. Sven Roden of Unilever’s Decision Analysis Group to deliver the keynote address at the 2009 Palisade Conference: Risk Analysis, Applications, and Training in New York City, Oct 21-22, 2009. The keynote is titled, "Think Clearly, Act Decisively, Feel Confident." In this presentation, Dr. Roden will discuss what Decision Making […]

Capitalizing Upon Market Inequities: A Game Plan for Successful Sports Wagering

Clayton Graham is an adjunct professor of Statistics and Economics at DePaul University. He holds senior positions with the Chaos Group, Inc. and Analytical Advantages, LLC where he functions as a management consultant specializing in analytical and graphic econometrics. He will present a case study at the 2009 the 2009 Palisade Conference: Risk Analysis, Applications, […]

Using @RISK and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for Valuing a Portfolio of Natural Gas Futures

The use of custom Excel VBA programming and @RISK APIs allows the automated analysis of historical data and construction of sophisticated risk models. Here, we present an application in the energy sector as an example. Palisade Corporation developed an add-in that automates the construction of a risk analysis model to assess the Value-At-Risk  (VaR) of […]

Using @RISK and Custom Excel VBA Programming to Automate the Creation of Risk Registers

@RISK is a great tool to create cost risk analysis models. An important component in this type of model is the consideration of risk events. A risk event is modeled using its probability of occurrence and its conditional impact. In other words, we need to model first that the risk occurs, and given its occurrence, […]

Palisade’s Custom Development Services

Palisade Corporation now offers custom development services. Our consulting team can help you to automate your risk and decision analysis models so they can be easily used by everyone in your company, or even outside of it.  We offer different options that include Excel add-ins, Windows, and Web based applications. Our consultants can help you […]

Risk Analysis as Intellectual Property

Say what? I was mind-boggled to read today that the U.S. Supreme Court currently has under review a patent claim involving a risk management system that includes Monte Carlo simulation. According to a patent law blog, Bernard Bilski’s application was for a method of managing consumption risk in commodity trading.  In order to be "patentable subject matter," […]