Announcing @RISK 5.5 and DecisionTools Suite 5.5!

Building on the worldwide success of @RISK 5.0 and DecisionTools Suite 5.0, Palisade is pleased to announce the version 5.5 release of these best-selling risk and decision analysis tools.

New @RISK 5.5 - risk analysis with Monte Carlo simulation

Current @RISK 5.0 users will benefit from faster simulations — 2x to a remarkable 20x times faster than before — as well as new scatter plots from scenario analyses, a freehand distribution artist, and an Excel-style Insert Function dialog and graphs. @RISK 5.5 brings a range of new features to improve your analysis, save time, and encourage systematic adoption of risk analysis across your organization.

@RISK 5.5 is the best Monte Carlo simulation package available today, blending high-powered analysis with highly intuitive ease-of-use. The bottom line for you is a better understanding of what could happen and how likely it is to happen. Applications include value-at-risk, design and analysis of experiments, discounted cash flow analysis, exploration and production, option valuation, and more.

@RISK 5.5 has been fully translated into Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Japanese.

» What’s New in @RISK 5.5
» Download a free trial version

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