Neural Networks for Neural Security?

Here is a futuristic follow-on to yesterday’s neural network column about a computer security system that evaluates typing signatures.  In the July 1 issue of Neurosurgical Focus,  two computer scientists published their concerns about potential security hazards of "neural devices," computers that operate on a direct brain-computer interface. Neuroprotesthetics have been used for the past […]

Error-checking Excel Models using TopRank

As one of the products within Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite, TopRank perhaps does not get the attention that it deserves!  In many ways, TopRank is a very natural tool for general Excel modellers, perhaps especially so for those modellers who wish to perform sensitivity analysis, but who do not need the full risk analysis with simulation […]

Speeding up the Convergence of Optimization Problems: Part II

In an earlier blog, I mentioned a few heuristic methods to speed up the convergence of models when using genetic algorithms for optimization modelling, such as those that are in Evolver and RISKOptimizer. In this post, I add a few additional points that are specific to RISKOptimizer.  These include: Set the number of iterations according […]

August 2009 – Worldwide Training Schedule

Palisade Training services show you how to apply @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite to real-life problems, maximizing your software investment. All seminars include free step-by-step books and multimedia training CDs that include dozens of example models. North America 4-5 August 2009, Saskatoon, SK:Decision-Making and Quantitative Risk Analysis using @RISK 4-6 August 2009, Saskatoon, SK:Decision-Making & […]

Speeding up the Convergence of Optimization Problems: Part I

The use of genetic algorithms to solve optimization problems has a number of advantages. These include that they have the ability to solve essentially any problem, such as those which are non-linear, or those with multiple local optima but a single global optimum. Palisade’s Evolver can be used to deal with such situations in static […]

Excel Best Practices and Optimization Modelling presented at Munich Risk Congress

A highlight of last month was Palisade’s Summer Risk Congress in Munich, Germany.  This one-day event involved case studies presented by customers, presentations of new features in @RISK5.5, and my own presentations – which concerned themselves with the use of the DecisionTools Suite for optimization modelling, and a presentation of modelling best practices in Excel […]

Fast-Moving Goods, Risk Analysis, and Spend Control

It seems reasonable that in a recession, cost containment would become hot topic, and in the world of supply chain management, it’s known as "spend control."   I was interested in a recent blog describing spend control in the "fast-moving goods" (what used to be called consumer packaged goods) industry, where taming volatility in cash […]