Further Successes with DecisionTools Suite training in Europe

Following the introduction of the DecisionTools Suite 5.0 in 2008, we modified the structure of the public training courses, which consist of a two-day @RISK course and a consecutive one day course on the other DTS products.  Although this has required a major commitment from customers in terms of the time away from their office, it appears that the decision to structure the course in this way has worked well in Europe. First, it does allow customers to explicitly choose whether they wish to learn only @RISK, or all the other products, or only the non-@RISK products. Second, there are certainly enough problem solving applications that can be addressed with the software to use the time productively in a value-added way. Third, we generally run the courses on a Tuesday through Thursday, so that people can be in their offices at the beginning and end of the week. By staying in touch with their offices during the course (e.g. using the e-mail facilities provided to customers for our courses based in the London office), most participants are able to take the time out without excessive disruption to their work. All the customers that I spoke to that have attended all three days have reinforced the feeling that this three-day approach is most appropriate, value-added, and allows customers to sign up for only those parts of the course that they feel most useful, whether it be pure @RISK, the non-@RISK DTS products, or the full Suite.

More details of the courses can be found on the Palisade web-site. As a reminder of the contents of the non-@RISK products (day 3), we cover TopRank as a tool to audit and conduct sensitivity analysis on general Excel models, PrecisionTree to build decision trees for making decisions under uncertainty. We then move on to optimization modelling using genetic algorithm optimization methods of Evolver and RISKOptimizer. Finally, we use StatTools to conduct a variety of statistical analysis and NeuralTools to perform predictive analysis based on neural network logic. As always, the course is built around practical examples and applications.

View the training schedules:

» Europe, Africa and the MidEast
» North America
» Brazil
» Latin America
» Asia-Pacific

» Live Web Training

Dr. Michael Rees
Director of Training and Consulting

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