Gamers, What Are You Waiting For?

And now. . .a digital solution for a digital problem.

Gamers apparently don’t mind looking at a screen filled with knights riding a herd of identical horses.  And they don’t object to buildings with no doors or windows or to palm trees that sprout in what looks like a field of snow.  What they do mind, apparently, what really bugs them is how long it takes to download a new game.  

Despite the increased and still increasing speeds of broadband, downloading a typical PC game takes an average of 8 hours. Now there’s a shortcut to the end in sight.  An English company has announced a new download system–download-as-you-play–that lets the gamer start playing 20 times faster.  It’s based on the observation that the gamer doesn’t need to have access to the end of the game at the outset of it.  The gamer plays, and the game continues to download in the background.

According to Gamers’ Daily News, The technology that makes this possible is a neural network, the same computational process that businesses use to solve nonlinear problems like production forecasting.  The particular neural net in the download system trains on the results of an ongoing statistical analysis of connection speed and data delivery.  The more the game is played and the more analyses, the smarter, more responsive the download platform becomes.  This method of optimization results in smaller and smaller initial downloads and shorter and shorter wait times.

So gamers, what are you waiting for?  Start playing as soon as you can start paying. 

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