MTBridge – The Integration of @RISK, Excel and Minitab

One of the typical complaints  I have heard over the years in the Six Sigma Community is that transferring data between Minitab and other programs is a hassle. Sure you can cut past from any program to another, but that becomes repetitive and a source for potential error.

Palisade Corporation has been working with SixSigmaIn Team over the past few months; they are a very competent and respected consulting and training company in Italy. Besides their competency in training and consulting, they have created a very useful software application called MTBridge which can automate the information transfer between @RISK, MS Excel and Minitab. This allows you to focus on your project, not the mechanics of getting the data from Minitab to @RISK where you need it.
Let’s play together for winning is a creative, entertaining and informative video that demonstrates MTBridge’s capability. The creative part of the presentation utilizes Microsoft’s Text to Speech technology in conjunction with MTBridge to provide the voices for Minitab, Excel and @RISK. Enjoy!

Published by shunt27

I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Palisade Corporation.

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