“Financial Modelling in Practice” Now Available at Amazon.com

This week saw my book “Financial Modelling in Practice: A Concise Guide for Intermediate and Advanced Level” (John Wiley&Sons) being available to a US audience on amazon.com (the original plan was for the launch date to be end December 2008). I have high hopes for the book in the US market, being one of the […]

The State of Customer Service in the United States (Might be Killing Us!)

I am a consumer just like everyone else, and I’m seriously concerned about the retail service industry in the United States. To our chagrin, many manufacturing and telephone customer service positions have been outsourced to places like Mexico, China, and India. Ever since this migration started we have struggled to maintain these types of industries […]

Palisade Conference Provokes Six Sigma Buzz

Last week, Palisade Corporation held its North American User Conference; it was a very successful event that brought together @RISK Users from around the world. Presentations and discussions touched on topics such as the subprime mortgage crisis, financial risk management, modeling flu, project risk management and of course, the ways to Monte Carlo simulation in […]

Agricultural Analytics to Reap What They Sow

There’s been a real bloom in the number of decision evaluation tools being offered online to help farmers analyze the risks and opportunities in their planting and cultivation plans. Farming has always been a risky business because it’s dependent on weather, crop yields, commodity prices, and–at least since the New Deal–on government subsidy programs. What’s […]

Monte Carlo Simulation for Environmental Risk Analysis

An area gaining traction in the risk analysis world is the application of Monte Carlo simulation to environmental risk. There are numerous uncertainties in the natural world and they affect plans in any number of ways. Think of a typical construction project. What is the impact of weather, specifically inclement weather, on the progress of […]

Financial Modelling in the Oil and Gas Industry: Recent Events

This week saw Palisade sponsoring the first SMI-organized conference on Financial Modelling in the Oil and Gas Industry, in London (UK). Palisade’s Michael Rees spoke on the use of @RISK, PrecisionTree, Evolver and RISKOptimizer within the industry. The talk included examples of the use of the software to conduct reserves estimation, model exponential decline and […]

MTBridge – The Integration of @RISK, Excel and Minitab

One of the typical complaints  I have heard over the years in the Six Sigma Community is that transferring data between Minitab and other programs is a hassle. Sure you can cut past from any program to another, but that becomes repetitive and a source for potential error. Palisade Corporation has been working with SixSigmaIn […]