Six Sigma Webinar- Bad or Missing Data

On Thursday of last week, I attended a free webinar, Minitab Methods to Deal with “Bad” Data, which was given by Master Black Belt Rick Haynes of Smarter Solutions.  This is a topic that typically isn’t addressed in most Six Sigma Black Belt courses, but is extremely important for most six sigma practitioners to know and understand.  Rick did an excellent job introducing and conveying the Minitab tools to deal with “bad” or missing data. As defined by Rick, “bad” data are values that are not accurate due to rounding or to data collection errors.  Censored data analysis is a method developed to solve reliability issues, which he discussed using in new ways. To complete the presentation, he followed up by sending the technical paper to the attendees, which will make a good future reference.

This brings me to a point. There are many tools that a practicing Six Sigma Black belt needs to be aware of which are not covered in most Black belt courses because of time and complexity reasons. Technical webinars serve an excellent resource in the Six Sigma Community to expose Six Sigma Practitioners to tools or methods that they may not have otherwise be exposed to, such as different analysis techniques, discrete event and Monte Carlo Simulation to name a few.

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I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at Palisade Corporation.

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