DFSS-based Design Optimization using Design of Experiments and Monte Carlo Simulation

One of the main uses of Monte Carlo simulation in Six Sigma is with DFSS at the planning stage of a new product. Testing different processes on physical manufacturing or service models or prototypes can be cost prohibitive. Monte Carlo simulation allows engineers to simulate thousands of different outcomes on models without the cost and […]

Project risk analysis using Probabilistic Calendars, Part II

As you may have noticed in my previous posting on this subject, @RISK for Project‘s Probabilistic Calendars are a great way of modelling multiple occurrences of the same risk event over a defined period and as a result avoid having to set up lots of risk tasks. Furthermore, you can use them for modelling any […]

Project risk analysis using Probabilistic Calendars

Often seen as a little too sophisticated for many project planners new to Monte Carlo simulation, a Probabilistic Calendar is an elegant way of modelling the uncertainty in resource availability and resource allocation in a project plan. Any project plan—whether in construction, oil & gas exploration and production, manufacturing, environmental remediation, operations management, etc.—is subject […]